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Spiritual Intuition

braingrid-circuitboardThis fun and experiential class is focused on opening, developing, and perfecting your psychic abilities.

These gifts are defined as:

  • Clairvoyance – spiritual vision
  • Clairaudience – spiritual hearing
  • Clairsentience – intuition & feeling

Many seekers focus on developing one psychic gift and rely on their natural ability in a specific area, but we can all develop all of these gifts for the clearest reception of spiritual intuition.

When these abilities are developed they allow you to communicate with spirit for guidance, teaching, healing, and to further your spiritual growth. This spiritual communication is the beginning of the Great Work – integrating the body, soul, and spirit as one.

The result of this integration is full manifestation of your divinity. In other cultures this is referred to as samadhi, satori, ecstasy, and enlightenment.

In this class, you will work with each of the psychic gifts as you learn techniques to open and enhance them. Regardless of your level of development, this class will benefit you and assist you in awakening these gifts.

 Investment: $35


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