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Space Realization + Alignment with Physical Body

keysEvery human being is in some kind of 3D space. This space has energy and rhythm, and the soul measures this space by its width, depth and height. The volume of the space is measured by the spirit, as it is coming into this space  to be part of the physical experience.

Most people are not aligned to the space they are living in, and are not in harmony with the space, making them become unbalanced in their aura. Losing things by leaving them in other dimensions is a sign of needing this healing. Do you recall looking for something like your keys, and later finding them in a spot where you had already looked? This can be fixed simply.

You exist in a cube of space, which is your home, and the experience of your reality; you will be realigned with the space in which you create your reality. This can have a huge impact, connecting you with your space of creation, helping you feel at the center of how you are creating your reality. Your physical body will be aligned with your soul framework, and it will help you be in harmony with your environment, and to balance and harmonize your aura and the space around you.

Investment: $150


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