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Sacred Geometry

sacred_geometrySpiral Light Center offers the Sacred Geometry I-IV classes.
(The full series consists of 13 classes).

In all the Sacred Geometry classes we hand down tools that you can use to improve the quality of your life, such as healing modalities and tools that improve & heighten the energy of a space. Some of the classes hand down tools that you can use to provide services for others.

The Sacred Geometry classes must be taken in sequence, i.e. Sacred Geometry I is a prerequisite for Sacred Geometry II, Sacred Geometry II is a prerequisite for Sacred Geometry III and so forth.

  • Sacred Geometry I is foundational in teaching core concepts that are applied in many different mystery school different classes.
  • Sacred Geometry II & Crystal Magick is a deeply healing and magickal class that introduces ancient unpublished teachings about crystals.
  • Sacred Geometry III teaches a healing modality you can use on yourself and others.
  • Sacred Geometry IV teaches you how to create a series of energetic temple structures to heighten the vibration of a space, using sacred geometries. This class can only be taken after Empower Thyself.


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