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Sacred Geometry IV

Sacred Geometry 4How to set a High Level Temple Space

Learn how to energetically set three sacred temples:

1) Pythagorean Temple

2) Melkizedek Temple

3) Noah’s Temple

It is a holy light filled process to set these temples. Receive teachings for how to use toning and the divine geometries to activate different types of energetic patterns that create a sacred space for your home, office, or special events. Learn how creating this sacred temple space will assist you with drawing on this energy to strengthen virtually every aspect of your life.

The Benefits of using these teachings in your life:

  • Temple one is for human body, where your physical holy structure lives.
  • Temple two is a place of human accommodation/living/sacred ritual and ceremony. Imagine living in this energy every day to sustain quality of life!
  • Temple three is set for a specific purpose such as a family gathering or event where you want to create community and bring sacred energy into a space.

Prerequisites: Sacred Geometry I, Sacred Geometry II, Sacred Geometry III, Empower Thyself
Investment: $195


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