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Sacred Geometry III

Sacred Geometry IIIHealing and Balancing the Seven Layers of the Aura

This part of sacred geometry has to do with the person itself and the sacredness of the human body; we work with the keys introduced in Sacred Geometry I. There are seven levels to the human in the astral part of existence and these have to do with the levels of energy found in the first seven layers of the aura.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to tap into the Powers of the Family of Ra and the ancient Egyptians to clear and activate all dimensions of the Aura
  • Awaken a deeper connection to the Spiritual, Mental, Soul-based, Creative, Formative, Dreaming, and Active levels of being
  • Receive the keys to performing a new healing modality for yourself or others

Prerequisites: Sacred Geometry I and Sacred Geometry II
Investment: $295


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