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Sacred Geometry I


Would you like to learn the language of God, and about the three keys to heaven?

Do you want to learn how to align your mind with the frequencies of creation?

Would you like to know how to seal your space with holy and sacred energy using only your own body as a tool?

Experience the sacred geometries that are the foundation for creation. Move beyond theoretical information and learn to feel the energy of these symbols that connect you to God and the Universe.

Merge deeply with these symbols as they open up gateways to your own soul and learn more about who you are. Receive attunements of  the power of the three primary sacred geometries, and learn how to mesh sacred geometry with the four elements to enable all of your physical creations to be imbued with the divine.

Walk away with tools that will imbue your space with the highest vibrations and learn how to seal your work and home spaces with this energy. You will learn how to activate all your living and working spaces with the Sacred Geometries, increasing the vibration and creating protection for all those within, and how to create a true temple of worship/sacred space to enhance your life and your environment.

This is an ancient teaching preserved and handed down by the Modern Mystery School for over 3000 years in an unbroken lineage.

This class is a prerequisite for any of the Life Academies.

Investment: $85


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