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Purification By Light

Purification By LightThis is a package of 3 healing services, which in combination will free you of negative energy that may be bogging you down: Spell Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting, plus the Purification by Light healing.

We have found that the Purification by Light is most effective when combined with Spell Removal and Emotional Cord Cutting, so do not offer Purification by Light separately. (See Emotional Cord Cutting for a description of Spell Removal and Emotional Cord Cutting, which are also offered as a separate package).

We can sometimes have various negative energies stuck inside our auras, bodies, energy fields, and chakras. Often times these foreign energies can cause us emotional pain, change our thinking patterns to become more irrational, and even begin to skew our decision making skills and ability to view the world objectively, or decrease our ability to function. Luckily, they can be completely removed with the Purification by Light healing modality.

The Purification by Light healing uses ancient toning & holy words to create a strong vortex of Light in your auric field to clear up any residues that you are carrying, the kinds that we pick up as we go about our daily lives, particularly when in negative places or around negative people.  This allows you to have full access to the holy energy of Light that has been designed to feed your soul and being so you can life your life fully!

This clearing leaves you with a refreshing feeling of lightness and peacefulness. Through this healing, we bring forth a wave of pure Light to wash you and bathe your energetic fields in healing. By casting a brilliant shower of Light upon any negative energies, they get dissolved and cleaned away

Investment: $150 (for package of Spell Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting and Purification by Light)


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