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Mental Body Healing

Mental Body HealingKing Salomon Healing Modality Healing 9

Our awareness of the physical world comes to us through the five senses, which are being bombarded by information all the time, which decreases the flow of energy coming through to us.  This healing modality mainly works through the five senses, and deals with the human mind. By accessing 13 brain regions through the senses, we will be clearing out emotional residue that is in the brain regions, spinal column and nervous systems.

The Mental Body Healing uses 13 sacred aromatic oils to awaken the brain, clear the mind, enhance corresponding brain regions, increase brain function, release negativity, and bring peace of mind. It clears concepts like guilt and shame, which are the last obstacles to Light, preventing joy, abundance and enlightenment.

Investment: $150 (as part of the King Salomon Healing Modality Series only)


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