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King Salomon Mind Region Healing Series

King SalomonThe King Salomon Mind Region modality is one series of the ancient, tried and tested King Salomon Healing modalities. It works with all aspects of your life to clear emotional, spiritual and traumatic blockages, allowing you to live more consciously here in the physical. It is an extremely powerful and life changing modality that brings you to a greater level of control over your life.

The King Salomon Mind Region modality goes deep into the blueprints of one’s life and resets much of the earlier programming that has been self-limiting, self-defeating and detrimental. It connects one more fully to God and to the higher levels and origins of one’s own being. It works on the release of fears, a greater integration within the soul, and touches on every level of one’s psyche. It allows you to receive healing at a level sought for decades from other systems, in a couple of months.

Heal the MindOur present-day modern psychology is rooted in this modality. Carl Jung, the Father of Modern Psychology, studied the Mind Region modality in the Mystery School and then used this information to create Jungian Psychology.

Many systems have developed from this modality, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and various forms of psychotherapy, but all just take threads from the Mind Region modality, which re-introduces the 90% of the healing modality that has been omitted from our modern methods. Talk therapy alone is not yielding all the healing results; the mind requires a deep connection with Divinity to truly heal certain fractures and re-integrate key pieces of  your true identity.

This series clears out both external influences that clutter our minds, as well as internal influences that affect our ability to choose consciously. The result of clearing out these influences and healing trauma in the mind is the reduction of mind chatter and clutter, a stronger, quieter mind, more self-awareness and less wasted energy. Completing this modality can also result in increased happiness and fulfillment, inner peace and joy, emotional stability and resilience, enhanced focus and concentration, improved memory and brain function, and clarity of purpose and direction.

This healing is yielding incredible results and it is very stabilizing for all age groups! As such, it is a major healing and consists of 10 healing sessions and over 15 hours of healing.

Session 1: Free Consultation where you get an understanding of what this modality will entail.

Session 2: Exploratory session where we uncover various psychological threads that are diminishing one’s feeling of wholeness.

Sessions 3 and 4: Healing of these psychological threads by guided visualisations through the stages of one’s life. These journeys heal traumas and / or fears when one was a fetus, infant, child, teenager, adult and a senior.

Session 5: During this session you re-connect with the Original Divine You, free of issues, baggage or hindrances that may have tainted your spiritual purity. In addition many of the masks that hide the real you are removed.

Session 6: In this session many of the fundamental fears that restrict you from attaining your full potential are removed. Then the process of Soul Retrieval takes place to recover soul fragments that may have been lost through fear, trauma, physical or emotional pain, such as grief and loss.

Session 7: The psyche is set to a neutral point and then opened to become more receptive to Divine inspiration.

Session 8: In this session the mind is cleared of the negative, residual effects of other existences which often lead to subconscious psychosomatic illness; and the heart and crown chakra is fully energised in preparation for the next session.

Session 9: During this session the psyche experiences an infusion of Divine energy; and then contact is established with the mind of God to further establish the healing.

Session 10: The debriefing process allows us to re-visit the entire modality and determine the internal shifts made since session 1. If required for deeper healing, we will repeat various healings during this session.

Session 11: The same as session 11, but with greater integration time following completion of the full modality.

Please contact me for a consultation and  more information. Each session is around 1.5-2.5 hours in length. It is extremely important that the series, once started, be completed.

The Life Activation is a pre-requisite for the King Salomon Mind Region, and it is best to complete the King Salomon Healing Modality series before the King Salomon Mind Region series. It is also highly recommended to have an Advanced Etheric Surgery – Celestial Code Region session after completing the series.

Investment: $200 per session ($2000 total)

See also Soul Retrieval (standalone session taken from this series).


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