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Kabbalistic Healing

Glowing Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life is the most powerful expression of God to which we humans have access, and is the representation of the very DNA of the human body.

The Kabbalistic Healing activates the Tree within you, and awakens the creative potential stored within your body, enabling you to change the way your life looks and feels for the better, and making you vastly more capable of co-creating your world in alignment with the Will of God. This modality connects you more deeply to the love of God and brings in enormous energy for you.

This healing is very heart-centered, bringing you to your true center and connecting you with the Christ Consciousness, infusing the power of love  (the ultimate power of the universe) into your being; it raises you to a higher level of consciousness, helps you gain insight to create a new reality, gives you increased focus and centeredness, and has been known to complete healing of old emotional wounds.

This modality involves about 1.5 hours of preparation work in order to be able to flow this level of light, which is done before you arrive, and the session itself is about 1.5 hours long.

Investment: $200


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