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Journeys of the Spirit (Part A)

Meditation - ElementsCome and join us for an unforgettable day of meditational journeys, as we delve into the exploration of our perceptions. With the use of our senses we will be enhancing and exploring all our psychic gifts and abilities.

You don’t need any expertise to benefit from this class. It will help you develop your sensitivity so you can tune in to other ways of perception and get more information from higher realms. Here you will meet and work with your Higher Self who is your best friend and confidant in life! We will be working with all the elements and balancing your inner male and female energies.

You will also receive keys to enlightenment, power and personal empowerment, abundance, creativity and love, that you can take home with you to deepen your practice.

This class is a prerequisite class for Healers Academy.

Investment: $150


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