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Isis Healing Level Two – Ra-Angelic Powers

RamielThis healing must be done after the Isis Healing Level One. The ideal integration time between the Isis Healing Level One and Isis Healing Level Two is 3 months, but they can be done a week apart if necessary.

In this healing the deeper energies of the Family of Ra are directed towards you. Isis Healing level two harnesses the extreme power of the most powerful angel of them all: Ramiel! Ramiel is known as the “Compassion of God”.

Possible benefits include:

  • Creates a new vibration within the physical body that will give you more passion and way more vitality
  • Re-directs old vibrations towards the new one and create “synchronicity” in the body and soul, getting over the old!
  • Creates a renewed vibration in the soul that holds the mind regions more firm thus giving you a more positive thought pattern
  • Heals old emotional wounds
  • Opens up the 3rd eye
  • Gives clarity about love energy
  • Brings a lover to you since your mind is more clear now
  • Allows you to create more abundance in your life

Investment: $150


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