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Hermetic Rebalancing

Path of LightBased on the Seven Principles of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet, this is the most powerful re-balancing modality we have in the Mystery School tradition.

As we walk down the path of life, we are actually walking down 7 interconnected paths. Sometimes we ignore some of the paths, and we bounce between them, but they should be one united path. Because of self-judgement and indoctrination we fill these paths with a lot of junk that we push in front of us; we block our own way, to the point where we may even give up.

This modality goes in and cleans out all the debris, path by path, so you can see the way forward, creating a clear, fresh and renewed direction for life. It also adds an 8th path, to bind them all.  As such, each session is in eight parts – seven from the Hermetic Principles and one from the Emerald Tablet.

Usually 3-4 sessions will be needed to clear out all of the debris. In one session you will get to kind of a translucent path that looks a lot clearer to you, which will give you hope and allow you to start moving forward more easily, but 3-4 sessions will be far more effective.

Benefits of receiving this modality:

  • Stuck old energies cleared on all seven paths
  • These paths are then re-activated and become vibrant
  • Feel clearer and lighter
  • More energy and enthusiasm for pursuing your goals
  • Life seems to flow more easily

Investment: $250 for one session
Special introductory offer till the end of 2013: $500 for a 3-session package paid in advance ($750 value)


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