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Enochian Angelic Healing

Enochian HealingThis healing modality serves as a sealing for living a good and positive life by connecting you to the Angels and helping you awaken to the angelic being that you are. It takes working with Enochian (Angelic language) symbols to really do this.

The very high vibration and holy energy that comes in with the Enochian Healing goes deep into your core essence, and redirects energies that have gone amiss, helping to realign the body. This allows you to feel a deeper sense of tranquility and greater joy in your life as it connects with and awakens the Holy Spirit within. We are working with one of the most versatile and fun-loving of the angels in the Order of Raphael in this session, who brings in great joy and empathy for the purpose of healing.

Prerequisites: This healing session is extremely powerful and you must have received the Kabbalistic Healing first, and generally will also have taken the Empower Thyself program before receiving the Enochian Angelic Healing.

This modality involves about 1.5 hours of preparation work in order to be able to flow this level of light, which is done before you arrive, and the session itself is about 1.5 hours long.

Investment: $200.00


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