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Empower Thyself Initiation

A Quantum Leap forward in your life!

Creative Photography by Khuong NguyenThe Empower Thyself 2-day intensive program and initiation is a fundamental cornerstone for everything the Modern Mystery School teaches. The information handed down from teacher to student through the unbroken lineage of King Salomon the Wise, is fundamentally unchanged and has been tested over and over again for over 3000 years for the effectiveness to transform people’s lives.

Traditionally reserved for the select few, this Initiation is one of the most sacred tools this lineage offers – and one of the biggest game changers!  Many of the greatest innovators, leaders, artists, inventors, and people of power that have left their mark in our world  have been initiated in this lineage, and used these tools to change the face of human history. The Modern Mystery School offers these ancient teachings for those who want to become successful in life in modern times. If you hunger to make a difference in this world, and be in true service to humanity, this initiation will equip you with the extra edge to be an accomplished leader and catalyst for progression.

This program brings you to a higher level of understanding and knowledge of the true mysteries. It enlightens the mind, transforms the soul, and gives you tools you can use daily to empower yourself and create abundance in your life. By the end of the program, you will receive a physical initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the lineage of King Salomon. This initiation is truly the most important part of our system. Throughout training with the Modern Mystery School students receive a series of initiations, all starting with this first one.

The program is essentially a preparation for this initiation, after which you will carry the title of “Adept” (someone who has mastered a skill). The initiation begins your journey as an official student of the Modern Mystery School, and puts you under the guiding wing of the Hierarchy of Light (more information available in the program).

These teachings include:

  1. The origins of creation and the Universe
  2. Who and what you are as a being
  3. Why humanity exists today
  4. Where we are all going; our progression
  5. A basic structure of the Cosmology (Universe)
  6. Tools for clearing negative blocks
  7. A brief history of the school and humanity
  8. Basic Universal Kabbalah
  9. Proper meditation techniques
  10. The Chakras and energy flow
  11. Handing down of sacred teachings
  12. Physical initiation into the lineage

InitiationThe Empower Thyself (or Adept) Initiation will give you:

  • Ten times the power of light you had prior to the Initiation in order to do your sacred work in the world
  • Four new Spirit Guides to counsel you and empower your path of spiritual evolution
  • Increased protection for you and your immediate family
  • Greater conscious contact with the Masters of Light
  • Physical and spiritual abundance from your service to the Light
  • Expansion of consciousness and a heightened sense of clarity about your purpose in life
  • Alignment with the flow of your will with the flow of the Will of God/Source and the Will of the Universe
  • Empowerment to overcome obstacles within you and outside you

If you are ready to consecrate your life towards serving a higher purpose, manifesting your greater potential, and harnessing your innate gifts to making this world a better place, then we invite you to submit your name and birth date to be considered to be initiated.

This program includes a student manual, in-class instruction, initiation, and a year-long online subscription to Magus Magazine (Initiates have access to special content not available to the public). Upon completion of the course, you will be sent your official Modern Mystery School student ID card and student ID number.

Prerequisite: Life Activation

Investment: $650
Deposit to hold your space: $250


Activation and Initiation Package

The Full Spirit Activation is not a prerequisite for Empower Thyself, but is so highly recommended as a second step, that I offer a package deal for Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation and Empower Thyself if you put down your deposit for Empower Thyself.

Package investment: $875 (value $995, $120 discount)


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