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About Sandi

Sandi outside Cheops PyramidHi! I am Sandi Tiffin, a Healer, Teacher, Guide and Ritual Master certified and trained by the Modern Mystery School, living and working on Mercer Island, WA in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State in the USA.

I am thrilled that you are visiting my site and perusing the services and classes I have to offer, and hope to meet you soon!

My background is on the scientific side. I grew up studying math at an early age on the lap of my mathematician father, who was in a wheelchair and needed to keep me in one place while he was teaching his students. Soon I was teaching his students, and have been teaching in one way or another ever since.

While I was growing up in South Africa, I was determined to find out how to heal the autoimmune diseases that had plagued my father’s family, as well as the many allergies with which I was plagued. Only in 2000 did I eventually discover how to heal allergies and autoimmune disease, and healed many allergies and a couple of autoimmune diseases that I had. In the process I learned about subtle energies, as the method my sister Julia Tiffin and I figured out was all about energy, and an alchemical clearing of emotional energies.

Since I was a child I had been interested in spiritual things — such as the power of pyramids (I eventually got to experience a private death and rebirth ceremony inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops in 2011 — that is me outside the Great Pyramid!), psychic abilities, and the interconnectedness of all things. I had however shelved all that as I studied Computer Science and dived into the technical world. Learning about energy healing sparked in me a desire to really find that “something” that I had been searching for, that feeling of “coming home”.

Soon after that I met the head of the Modern Mystery School, and received the Life Activation and Empower Thyself initiation, and I have never looked back! (It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear .. ). The teachings have only gotten deeper and deeper over the last 12 years since I was initiated. I keep on studying with the school because I keep on shifting and growing and moving to the next level in my life as a result of my work with the school.

I would love to share some of the tools of empowerment I have received, with you, so that you too may find peace and joy and abundance and love, and an understanding of the “machinery behind the universe” — and so you too may step into your greatness, living an extra-ordinary life filled with miracles!

With love,


Sandi’s Modern Mystery School Certifications

The Modern Mystery School requires its healers and teachers to undergo an annual certification process in order to ensure quality of teachings and healings.

Sandi Tiffin is a currently certified:

and currently certified Teacher of the following classes with the Modern Mystery School:

Sandi is a certified Third Step Ritual Master trained by the Modern Mystery School, which qualifies her to provide services such as Emotional Cord Cutting, Negative Energy Removal, and Purification by Light. As an Egyptian Temple High Priestess and Enochian Warrior, Sandi has a special relationship with the Egyptian Family of Ra and the Enochian Angels.

Sandi is a certified King Salomon Healing Modality practitioner, and a certified King Salomon Mind Region practitioner.

As an Apprentice Alchemy Teacher of the Modern Mystery School, Sandi is authorized to teach introductory Alchemy classes. Sandi is also a Kabbalist and an Apprentice Universal Kabbalah Teacher.



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